About Us

If after having your greatest idea you asked yourself: “how will I make it happen?” You came to the right place. Our goal is to help you use your knowledge, passion and desire, to create something big without getting stuck in unnecessary details or theories.

You want to change the world, not to study it. Here is all about validating the success of your idea with minimal budget, to create something great from your vision and your team’s.

Being an entrepreneur is not a job, you must know that every time you make a decision it affects directly to you and your team. We will make sure that you, as the CEO, will have the tools, the attitude and the determination to take action and keep going even if you fail. We believe that taking the risk of following your dreams will bring you the greatest satisfaction in your life. Imagine how you will feel when the idea you conceived is changing thousands of people’s life.

Inpetus is about that, we will help you survive the microscopic tasks while approaching the future of your success. Let’s start!

Our Staff

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David Goudet

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Andrea Díaz

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Gabriel Freites

María Goudet

Jonnathan Ng

José Luis Rangel

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Leonardo Martínez

David Cabeza